If you are looking for lesson plans that are not just aligned to the Common Core, but were designed for the Common Core, you have come to the right place.

These lesson plans were created after extensive Common Core training to help you go beyond the basics to bring a depth of understanding to your students that the Common Core requires.

They were designed not only to provide activities to help you teach the Common Core standards but to also provide resources for you to draw upon as you prepare your students for Common Core assessments.

bookOur ELA lesson plans leverage picture books you most likely have in your classroom, school, or community library. They help you prepare your students for Common Core extended response ELA questions and help you make digital connections to literature.fractions_pie_transparent

Our Math lesson plans leverage digital manipulatives to help you visually explore complex math concepts with your students and to develop their abilities as patient problem solvers.

Select a grade level under the ELA category or Math category to the right, scroll through the standards posts, and click a post title to find lessons for a specific standard.